Larger Properties

Larger properties require more time to photograph and edit to achieve our signature look

*Applies to all interior services*

2200 - 3500 Sq Ft + $70
3500 - 5000 Sq Ft + $130
5000 - 8000 Sq Ft + $220
8000 - 10,000Sq Ft + $310
10,000+ Sq Ft + $395

Cancellations/No Access Fee

Please be prepared and have the property ready upon arrival. Life happens, we understand and will be flexible to accommodate. However, a fee of $60 will be assessed if notice is not given 2 hours upon arrival at our scheduled time. This includes delays caused by contractors and cleaning crews working during our scheduled shoot.

Weekend Shoots

Our weekends are valued for family time.  Saturday or Sunday Shoots are an additional $60

Ala Carte

Detailed Images

Highlight your unique property with detailed images - $50

Twilight Photography

2 images (typically front and rear) - $195

Are you an agent/team who lists multiple properties a month?

We offer discounts and high-end services exclusively to agents/teams with higher volumes

Service Area/ Travel Fees

Marion and Surrounding Counties

Over 35mi One-way + $60

Over 70mi One-way + $100

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