Inclement Weather

We would love to have sunny skies for every shoot, but sometimes mother nature has other plans.

The weather looks nasty during our scheduled shoot! What can you do to help?

Don’t worry, if it is raining during our scheduled time we have options for you.

  1. Cloudy days - Stay prepared for your shoot, we can still make your property look great with sky replacements*

  2. Light drizzle - We are happy to continue with our shoot utilizing sky replacements to create sunny skies.*

  3. Downpour - We can split the shoots into 2 days - Interiors while its raining, and exteriors another day.

    ~ The interior shoot will be billed as a full shoot and the following exterior shoot will be billed separately ($60)

  4. I need this listed today! - If the property needs listed ASAP we are happy to continue our photo shoot rain or shine.

  5. Reschedule for another day - We are happy to reschedule for another day, but please don’t rely on the weather forecast for final judgment until the night before our shoot.

    *Sky replacements require 24hrs for editing

Shoot Preparation

Getting your house ready for photos isn’t easy, so here are a few tips to prepare your home.

How can I make our house look its best?

Preparing for a shoot can be time-consuming and stressful (especially with kids!). Here is a guide to help you get your house looking top-notch.

Remove clutter - The most important step! Leave only decorative items to be seen throughout the house

  • Kitchen

    • Clear countertops of small appliances, paper towel, mail, etc.

    • Clear refrigerator of everything (magnets, photos)

    • Clear the sink of all sponges and cleaning supplies

    • Hide the Trashcan

    • Hide Pet food/water bowls

  • Bathrooms

    • Put toilet seat down!

    • Clear off countertops of toothbrushes, hair products, etc

    • Remove shampoos, soaps, and products from showers & tubs

    • Use only clean, unused towels

  • Living Spaces

    • Remove kids toys, personal photos, remote controls

    • Hide cords and wires as best as you can

    • Fluff and rearrange cushions and pillows

  • Bedrooms

    • Remove photos

    • Make bed and fluff pillows

    • Smooth out wrinkles on linens

    • Remove clutter from nightstands and dressers, leave only lamps and decor

    • Hide cords and wires

Will you assist if the house isn't ready?

We want your property to look spectacular, but we do not operate as a cleaning service. We are happy to shuffle things around to make your space look its best, but please don’t expect us to do any heavy lifting or major cleaning to make the room photo worthy.

If the house isn’t photo ready by our arrival time we may have to charge a same-day cancellation fee to reschedule.

How long will it take to photograph my property?

Generally, real estate photo shoots take 30min - 1 hour from the time we arrive on site. The biggest factor is the size of the property.

How long does it take to receive the photos after the shoot?

You can expect 24 hour delivery time for real estate photography. Photos will land in your email the evening following the scheduled day of our shoot.

For example: If our shoot was Monday morning you will receive images Tuesday evening.

Video Work will require 24-48 hours for editing.