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Additional Services

Twilight Photography

People look at the first image more than any other image in the listing. Make the most of that opportunity by making it a dramatic twilight image.

- $95 -

Larger Properties

Larger properties require more time to photograph and edit to achieve our signature look

*Applies to all interior services*

2500-4000 Sq Ft
+ $45

4000-6000 Sq Ft
+ $115

6000-8000 Sq Ft
+ $175

10,000+ Sq Ft
+ $295

Video Editing Services

Video shooting and editing beyond stated times

+$80/Minute of Video

Travel Charge

Properties outside of green area
+ $25

Over 35mi One-way
+ $45


Unpaid Invoices over 45 days old

+$25 per week


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Volume Pricing

Discounts are based on properties photographed within the current month.
The following month every invoice will be discounted by the below rates.

  • 5 - 9 Properties -- 5%
  • 10 - 19 Properties -- 10%
  • 20+ Properties -- 15%